When you join the site, you are automatically in the game and are directed to the Browse section.

You will see your profile at or near the top of the page

You can see your current Value, Cash available and total Wealth

You can then scroll through the Hotties and purchase those you can afford by clicking the BUY button Grin

You can visit the Hotties profile "wall" by clicking on their pic

While at their Wall, you can post comments to them or send them a message.

You can also purchase the Hottie from their wall if you hadn't done so already <P.
clicking the [My Wall] button in the top menu will take you to your own profile wall to view comments left to you

You will receive a notification when you are bought, or one of your Hotties is bought. The Bell icon in the top right corner will have a red square over it with the number of new notifications you have. Clicking it will display the notifications list.

To the left of the Notifications Bell is your Email/Message Box. A number will be displayed over it when you have new messages

Clicking Edit Profile will allow to add information about yourself

To change or modify your profile pic, hover you cursor over your pic and select "Change Picture". You can also do this from the Profile menu in the top right corner of the page

In the top left under the Hotties logo there are 2 clickable links, Account Info and Hottie Points

By clicking Account Info, the menu will expand to display info about your account

By clicking Hottie Points, the menu will expand with info about point and a purchase point link if you wish to get addition points!
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